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Finally! - Find Out What and How to Say It 
So More Clients WANT to Work With You!
(Authentically and with Integrity, Confidence and Ease)

Join Kim Eisen, 'The Business Healer', Success Mentor and Master of EFT for this intimate
2-Day gathering and this workshop will change your business forever.  
You'll get to personally work with Kim in this rare setting with limited seating to keep it quaint .

Would You Like to Attract More Clients that say 'Yes!'
Become the trusted 'EXPERT' they are looking for.

This is for you if . . . 

 You are confused on why more clients aren't lined up for your awesome services
  You feel awkward trying to describe your services
  You 'think' you're doing everything right, but struggle to have abundance
  You get the 'deer-in-the-headlights' stare when explaining what you do
  You choke when asking for money and it keeps you broke
  You want to find out  and eliminate the money blocks that may be holding you back
  You're not sure if it's O.K. to be spiritual AND abundant
  You are so ready for something to really change in your business  (so you don't have to go get a J.O.B.)
  It's YOUR TIME to attract more clients and money now easily!

It's different for a heart-spirited™ entrepreneur like you.  You want to be authentic and the
 marketing and sales part of your business can feel awkward.
 Yet, the truth is, without sales, you
won't have a business.
 With some guidance, you can authentically, confidently and with ease,
attract the clients and money you want, doing what you love!

Yes, I already know I really need this . .

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     In this 2-Day intensive
     'Say It to Sell' (from the heart), you will learn how
    and what to say
    (authentically) to attract your 'ideal clients'
     . . . 

    so they want to work with you, and, learn how to have a conversation that will help them say
     'Yes!' to you and themselves
    so you can bring in more cash while sharing your gift.  

    In this intimate gathering, you'll be using my system to create your very own unique, 
    what I've trademarked, 'Attract-o-mercial™' that really does attract more clients.
    (What and how you say it, means everything to your success) 

     But I won't leave you hanging like so many other programs that just send you home
    we will role play and practice so, after 2 transformational days,
    you will be empowered and able to use what you learn to
     start attracting your perfect clients.  

     To get you aligned with your growth and business, we'll be using practical techniques,
     as well as, the state-of-the-art mindset technique, EFT tapping, for more abundance.

     "$2000 in my first week"

      "I knew some key marketing concepts before      working with Kim, but had no idea how to put it all  together to make it work. In my first week, I made over $2,000 offering my new group program."
    Carol Crenshaw, Weight Loss Coach, EFT Expert - Indianapolis, IN
    "Thank you Kim for helping me go to over $12,000 in one month!"
    "Working with Kim helped me to remove the mental  clutter that was interfering with my ability to generate  a higher income and an improved feeling of abundance. She gave me the support and tools I needed and the belief that I could do it"  
    Anthony M, Health Educator, Trainer - Minneapolis, MN

    ***BONUS:  GET RID OF YOUR MONEY BLOCKS -  Even after learning how to attract more clients and
    money, 80% or more of your success will be determined by your unconscious beliefs about money and you. This
    exciting segment, weaved throughout the 2 days, will help you to uncover and eliminate money blocks so it doesn't
    interfere with your success.  (Yes, we will be doing lot's of EFT tapping ; )

    ***2nd BONUS:  You'll get the 6 Essential Keys to a client attracting 'Say It to Sell' website that makes your
    website work
    for you.  

    Seriously - Imagine it be easy to . . .

    Have clients choose YOU to serve them and get paid well for it
    Feel confident talking to anyone - anywhere about your services
    Have clients understand what you can do for them and WANT IT!
    Enjoy bringing in more money while doing what you love
    Finally - have the abundance you deserve

    For a low cost to work with Kim personally in a small intimate gathering for 2 days

     that can change the direction of the rest of your life and business,
    how can you not INVEST in yourself and immediately gain more clients and cash.

    YES!  I'm ready to stop being the best kept secret!

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    Value $997   (Very Limited Seating)

    Only $597 ($400 savings)
    EARLY BIRD PRICING NOW:  $497 ($500 savings) 

    OR . . .

    2 EASY Pay Option:  Only $327

    P.S.  Did you see the rocking Bonus above?  In addition to learning how to attract more clients and money by
    knowing how to 'Say It to Sell, you will discover and eliminate some of your unconscious money blocks too,
    so you can have the success and money you deserve.

    See you there!  Hugs, Kim

    Date: TBA

    9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (registration at 8:30 a.m.)

     Minneapolis, MN (near the airport)
    (Accomodations under review by our event coordinator
    to provide the best at a reasonable rate-you will be
    (Lunch will be provided both days)

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    Have any questions or problems, we're happy to help, please email us at:
    or call 1-888-451-4325
    To learn more about Kim Eisen, go to 

    Kim Eisen, 'The Business Healer' is a Success Coach and Master of EFT.  Kim is the creator and founder of that helps people like you who are really good at what they do, yet struggle with magnetically attracting more clients and selling their own services.  Being self-employed most of her adult life in the financial and marketing arena she enjoyed many 6 figure years and started her energy psychology and spiritual alternative healing business in 1999, which was her love.  But, struggles ensued trying to explain how she could help people, in a way they could understand and say 'Yes!'.  Kim had to learn what she was doing wrong by admitting there must be something she didn't know yet.  So, she found answers and now it's easy to have five figure months.  In a special 'aha' moment (probably like one  you've had at one point), she decided to merge her knowledge and skills so she could help struggling heart-spirited™ entrepreneurs so they wouldn't have to make the same mistakes she did, so they could immediately start bringing in more money and clients and live the life they want, doing what they love.  

     "Kim's insights,  directness and  authenticity is a  major help in  cutting through a lot of blocks . . . fast . . . truly she provides shortcuts to success."  Her energy and support was so helpful.

    Janine Fafard, Turya Yoda - Costa Rica 
      "I love Kim's  common sense  approach and  honest feedback.  She got me on the right track.  

    Verena Vomastic, Ph.D, EEM-CLP, HSMI, Integrative Healing and Wellness Consultant,  Manitou Springs, CO
    "Kim, you have the rare ability to read between the lines and cut right through to the essence of things. You do this with kindness, grace and great humility.
    Your thinking processes are first rate, as is your intuition. I thank you for sharing your gift. You are so good!!!"

    April L'Heureux, , EFT Expert - San Diego, CA
     "Kim does  fantastic work at  getting to the  point. She helps  expressing the  real meaning of what one wants to say in a simple and straight forward way - directly to the heart of the ideal client.  

    I'm translating her words into my mother language. But, it's just not the words, it's the idea of the message.  She makes it even stronger and fills it with more life and enthusiasm.

    Kim's guidance totally helped me see the transformational aspect of my work and see it with the eyes of the customer. It has provided me with more energy, fun and pleasure for my work, and, define my work in a new way."

    Andrea Julichs, Business Communications - Germany

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